Letting your back stay back to put more pop in your shots

Many people mistakenly try to generate more power by swinging their racket arm faster.  The real source of power for a tennis stroke should come from the back.  If the arm stays passive and the back stays back then an untapped hidden source of power can come from the back to the arm into the racket head into the ball.

Let there be an opposition between the back staying back and the arm moving forward. This opposition will generate all the power you need.

April 2nd, 2010

5 Responses to Letting your back stay back to put more pop in your shots

  1. Steve - a friend for life says:

    Golden words. Power from the back is truly the path to good tennis.
    I have tried Gary’s tennis camp at the Omega Institute.
    It was a pleasure besides the tennis.
    The coach was extraordinary.
    A great relaxing human being.
    Thank you.

  2. lee hersh says:

    It is not clear to me what you mean by ‘letting ones back stay back’- is there a video showing what you are suggesting??

    • gary6155 says:

      Hi lee

      Thanks for your inquiry. Alexander technique teachers have their own jargon and the phrase “keeping the back back is part of that jargon. I don’t have a video to refer you to. The phrase refers to the idea that when people tighten up and pull down thru their body, the whole body including the back tends to get pulled forwards and down. When they learn to release and direct themselves out of this forward and down tendency, their whole body including their back and entire spine will move back and up..w,hen this happens there will be an opposition or contrary “stretch ” between th
      E back moving back and the arms moving forwards

      If you look closely at a side view video of a federal forehand you may be able to see this

      Good luck-gary

      • Lee Hersh says:

        Thanks Gary for your reply- I’ve watched a slow motion side view of Fed’s forehand – Now I think I need to see a similar video of someone pulling their back forward and down- Is that possible??.. Lee


      • gary6155 says:

        Sure, just look at a video of any club player on YouTube in side view and you should be able to see it . Gary

        Sent from my iPad

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